Our Roots and Foundation

Incorporating Sorgiovanni Legal

SOUL LEGAL was born out of Sorgiovanni Legal,  formed in the beginning of the 21 century to help injured Local Government Council workers who were members of the LGRCEU  (Est. 1903). Originally based in Rockingham, then Baldivis, and through premises shared with the Union in Northbridge, and South Perth, Rebecca Sorgiovanni's fame for providing caring, down to earth personalised legal representation for the sick and injured spread far and wide.

The firm expanded accepting non-union clients, with an ever increasing referral base of satisfied clients who have been cared for. Never satisfied with the level of care and legal expertise dedicated to the interest of each of her clients, and knowing the limits a single person can do to provide the same personalised care to each client, the search began for someone who shared her ethos of putting her client's interests first, something which is difficult to achieve working in a profit centered large legal practice.  

In 2018, Kevin Wong, formerly Partner at Friedman Lurie Singh and D'Angelo, with 27 years of personal injury experience, answered the call, and joined her, forming the firm, Soul Legal.


Get to Know You

Having a legal issue is generally an unpleasant experience. It may mean that you have been hurt, injured or wronged in some way. SOUL LEGAL understands how confused you may be feeling, and we are here to protect your rights and to fight in your corner. You don’t have to suffer in silence if the law is on your side.

SOUL LEGAL will provide you with an initial consultation to see if and how we can serve your interests. If for any reason you do not instruct us in relation to the claim, you will not be charged for that consultation. Legal cases (and even just the language) can be complicated and intimidating. We will guide you through every step of your case, keeping you right up to date, making sure you understand exactly what is going on, and advising you on every decision that needs to be made. SOUL LEGAL keeps you involved and at the very center of our attention. We are here to serve you and are proud to have been protecting the rights of the people of Perth and the Greater Perth region since 1991. Call today and schedule a consultation.


Birth of a Firm

1 January 2018

As famous English writer GK Chesterton from the 20th Century said:

"The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul".

In establishing Soul Legal, Rebecca Sorgiovanni and I have the goal of growing a new breed of law firm. A firm with heart and soul, sensitive to the needs of its clients, taking them through the legal journey they must take to provide for the future of their families because their lives have been devastated through injury and disability by serious accident or otherwise.

Our mission statement is "Service with Heart and Soul - Passion in Legal Representation". This is captured in our logo, which at its centre lies a heart. "Love your neighbour" has as its roots the Bible, and in compensation law founded upon the case of Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] AC 562. 


Did you know...


The SOUL LEGAL logo comprises two "S"s forming a heart in the centre. An "S" of course, stands for "Soul", and the other "S" stands for "Service". Thus our mission statement:

"Service with Heart and Soul"


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