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Professional Experience

More Than Just a Lawyer

Rebecca Sorgiovanni is a passionate lawyer with a big heart who has touched the lives of many an injured person. Her dedication to the cause of the injured underdog against large insurance companies  has attracted a large referral network through past clients and rehabilitation providers. She is the recommended lawyer of the Local Government Racing Cemeteries Employees Union, and is proud to have served the needs of injured individuals in Western Australia since 1997. Rebecca Sorgiovanni possesses the academic credentials, strong community ties, and dedicated commitment to your legal success.

Practice Areas and Skills

Rebecca is an experienced  litigation  lawyer having  acted  as both  solicitor and counsel  at trials and appeals. She has represented injured victims in  the  Supreme Court  (Court of Appeal), District  Court,  Administrative Appeals Tribunal,  State Administrative Tribunal,  Fair Work Commission, WA Industrial  Relations Commission,  WorkCover WA, Equal  Opportunity Commission,  Magistrates Court,  at Criminal  Injuries  hearings, at the Coroner's  Court,  ACC New  Zealand,  and  Redress WA. She has the capability of conducting  complex  factual  and technical  arguments,  including  drafting  and  settling  court documents,  legal  opinions  and  advice on evidence. She is a skilled negotiator, excellent in  presenting  arguments  and evidence. Through assessing  merits and weaknesses, taking into  account legal  and commercial  considerations, she has helped many  in  formulating  a viable  resolution to disputes they have found themselves stuck in.

Education - UWA and
Murdoch University

Post law school, Rebecca has immersed herself in further training to equip herself in representing the interests of her clients. She has been trained by Centrecare and Relationships Australia, having undertaken mediation and advanced mediation training. She is an accredited alternative dispute resolution practitioner and registered family law mediator. Whilst her core area of practice is to help injured victims with financial compensation in motor vehicle accidents, work accidents, accidents in public places, victims of crime and medical negligence, together with insurance policy contractual claims, her broad field of training allows her to assist with industrial relations disputes, discrimination, and family law matters. She rapidly progressed through promotions working at various law firms post university days, and at a young age started her own practice Sorgiovanni Legal in 2007 (see history in "About" tab). Progressing to the next level, in 2018, Rebecca with Kevin formed Soul Legal.

Notable Achievements

Rebecca successfully lobbied the government to preserve common law entitlements for injured workers, opposing the movement to confine the rights of workers to a statutory scheme.  She also successfully represented the family of a primary school boy who drowned and died during a school excursion, highlighting the need for policy changes in the Department of Education. Rebecca has established new law through complex technical argument in Re Her Honour Judge Schoombee; Ex Parte Attorney General for Western Australia [2011] WASCA 129, and Gibbs v Haoma Mining NL [No 3] [2015] WADC 57.

Experience - 20 years in litigation

Rebecca has enhanced cultural awareness through early life exposures to aboriginal culture, being "adopted" by the Pintinjara Tribe. This has, over her career, successfully enabled her to highlight the all important cultural differences and distinctions which are often missed or misunderstood, which result in unfavourable litigation outcomes. Her vast experience has seen her representing people of multiple cultural backgrounds and religions, including Aboriginal, African, European, Middle Eastern, Asian, both with and without the assistance of interpreters. She has also represented clients who have legal disability, liaising with the Public Trustee and private guardians.


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